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  •  Managed the website, posted all updates including content, images, press releases, blog posts and
  •  Part of a team that designed the new website including the new logo and navigation
  •  Designed the Product Documentation and Resource Libraries
  •  Using a Drupal framework created menus, pages, tables, images, links, wrote content, managed
  •  Drupal architecture by Sheldon Chang at
  •  Graphic design by Ogden Costa Creative Group at
  •  Photography by Chris Norris at

    Cooper Wireless

  •  Rapid turn-around development of an abbreviated website to coincide with conference.
  •  Home page
  •  Product page.
  •  Web architecture by


    Dust Networks

  •  Wrote, edited and posted blog entries
  •  Promoted  blog postings through corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts

Case Studies

    Dust Networks

Powerpoint Presentations

     Chief Technologist of Dust Networks, Inc.  A variety of source materials including earlier
     presentations, YouTube video of lectures, research and verbal direction. Created using Adobe  
     Presenter, it contains an audio overlay,  video clip and Shockwave animations.

New Presentation Formats


  • Dust Networks over-sized postcard

  • RHK Technology Tutorials - PowerPoint with voice overlay

White Papers, Magazine Articles

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Dust Networks over-size postcard
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